Our Story

Lift Functional Fitness was founded by Abby Cohen and Andrew Brimer. In 2011, Andrew and Abby met as students at Washington University in St. Louis, and have been working in the respiratory field for over 6 years. Both of Abby’s grandfathers have COPD. She has seen their struggle during COPD exacerbations and the impact pulmonary rehabilitation has had on their recovery and ability to get back to the things they enjoy doing.

While attending the COPD Foundation’s annual COPD10 conference in 2017, Abby and Andrew learned that only 2% of people with COPD have access to pulmonary rehabilitation due to cost, transportation, or location even though it is one of the most effective treatments for people with moderate to severe COPD. After the conference, Abby and Andrew brought together a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, pulmonologists, yoga and fitness instructors to develop Lift Functional Fitness — a program specifically designed to help seniors regain their strength and independence through proven programs and a family of supportive trainers.

Our Mission

We’re committed to helping people
breathe better, stay active, and live happier.

Our Team
Abby Cohen


Andrew Brimer


Raj Mehrotra

Software Engineer

Matt Wahlig

Software Engineer

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Lift’s headquarters are located downtown St. Louis where all the Lift Classes are filmed and broadcasted.

Phone: 855-222-5002

Email: hello@liftclass.com

Address: 911 Washington Ave., St. Louis MO 63101