Lift Functional Fitness is an expert guided fitness and education program designed for people with COPD. Lift is available to patients right from home on their phone, tablet, or computer. Patients can participate in hundreds of classes and programs to help them breathe better, be more active, and live happier.

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How Lift is Changing Lives:
Reduce Shortness of Breath

Recently diagnosed with emphysema. Saw this website and am following their steps religiously. I am already experiencing significant improvement in breathing by following the pursed lips technique. Early stages for me, and I am determined to stay in front of this rather than try to play catch up at a later more severe time.

–Joe C.
Increase Energy & Endurance

My first endurance goal is walking for 10 minutes. Before I was at 2-3 minutes tops, but taking Lift classes has brought me to 9 min 43 seconds. So close! I know I can get there. My grandson just left and my movement/play with him has also improved!

–Robin C.
Improve Quality of Life

Going from hardly being able to stand long enough to brush my teeth... to actually exercising in one month’s time is incredible to me.
I love that everything is explained fully, no equipment to purchase and I can do them on my schedule. It's the next best thing to having my own private instructor.
Thank you Lift team, you’re the best!!!

–Charlotte H.
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